Panunuluyan, Christmas Tradition In The Philippines

The Panunuluyan (derived from the Filipino word “tuloy” means “to come in“)is an old Filipino tradition. It is the re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem in which to bear the child Jesus. Panunuluyan is still observed in the provinces, haven’t got to chance to seen one in the province though. Many schools in Manila are still doing this in their classroom and school Christmas program, students acting as Mary, Joseph, 3 Kings and others.

If you’re in Manila and want to watch a Panunuluyan, you can visit Cultural Center of The Philippines as they (CCP) and the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) mount a grandiose Christmas treat for the public from December 18-22, 2007. On December 18 at 6:30pm, the Panunuluyan will start at the CCP Liwasang ASEAN, and will move to Harbour Square, Folk Arts Theater, Sofitel Philippine Plaza and end at Star City. At 8:00 p.m., upon the arrival of the Panunuluyan group at the CCP Ramp, there will be a program featuring performances by selected artists and groups. A 1,000 voice choir will be the grand finale of this production. An event you shouldn’t fail to watch.


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