Philippine Flag As Body Paint

phmagRouge magazine had made their name in the magazine world, but a negative publicity. Their cover model (Joey Mead) is wearing a Philippine flag body paint. The editor, I forgot to take note of his name, said that he is aware that the flag should not be worn and he also said that the law never states that the flag should not be (body) painted. Palusot!

I agree that its an insult to our flag and it deserve to be pulled out from the market plus they should pay the penalty for doing it.

About Rouge Media Inc: As a new general-interest literary lifestyle magazine for the modern Filipino man, ROGUE introduces itself this month as the very definition, reflection, and celebration of modern Philippine life and culture. Balancing image and intellect, ROGUE is designed to stoke the diverse passions of intellectually curious and socially aware men by telling stories full of energy, insight, style, and humor. It aims to maintain a strong literary tradition by featuring thoughtful essays, sharp prose, revealing profiles, and in-depth investigative articles on a wide range of topics written by some of the finest journalists and authors working in the Philippines today.

ROGUE’s long-term mission is to accurately tell the story of our times, our people, and our culture one month at a time; and to capture the people, places, and ideas that define our modern culture. if anything, ROGUE will make a strong statement about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.
They already did. Obviously, its a man’s magazine and its their initial monthly magazine. Well, after being shown on national TV, the readers will be intrigued of what kind of magazine it is. Let’s see what will happen next.


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