Pasalubong From La Union

Few years back, I was thinking of what to bring home as pasalubong from La Union. Since I was in La Union, pasalubong should be their native products. I didn’t know that their major products are basi, sukang iloko, honey and inabel not until I visited their website before we travel to La Union. Dried fish along the highway before Bauang, you could see stalls selling various kinds of dried fish.

Many years ago, we used to buy daing na espada (dried swordfish) in a specialty store in Baguio. I guess, this is also one of La Union’s products since I can’t see any store selling daing na espada in Baguio. I could say that its one of my favorites because of its crispiness and its not salty unlike any dried fish. However, I’m lucky to find a vendor selling the said dried fish on the overpass near Burnham Park and bought Php 100 worth of daing. I should have bought more…

Anyway, if you’re looking for authentic La Union products, you could visit La Union Trade Center beside San Fernando, La Union Municipal Hall. The products from image above, from top to bottom: Basi, a native wine from sugar cane juice and tastes like red wine… sukang iloko, native vinegar of Ilocos and honey.


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  1. I miss that espada. ang sarap even only with sliced fresh tomatoes, o kaya with sukang maasim. now, I’m drooling.

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